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About us

Quantium Medical is a young and dynamic company specialized in the development of new parameters and products for patient monitoring.

Products we provide

Quantium Medical designs and develops non-invasive patient monitoring methods and applications, allowing more efficient interventions for hospitals and clinics, while reducing risk and increasing comfort for their patients.

qCON 2000


The qCON2000 integrates both depth of anaesthesia and nocicception index in order to allow the anaesthesiologist to individually tailor the dosing of the anaesthetics and analgesics, providing improved patients outcome and reduced cost for the institution.



qCON OEM is the turnkey solution for easy integration into your monitor range, anesthesia machine or infusion pump, adding a new value for the monitoring of hypnosis and nociception.



The qCO OEM is the turnkey solution for integrate into your monitor range, anaesthesia machine or pump infusion a non-invasive monitoring of the cadiac output and HRV analysis.

Latest News

  • erikrecortasdo
  • Dubai symposium

    April 21, 2016

    Tomorrow, April,22 will take place the symposium entitled “New Developments in Minimal Invasive Pain Management & Anesthesia Monitoring̶

  • AH2016_d
  • Arab Health 2016

    February 03, 2016

    Last week, the main medical device fair in the Middle East,  Arab Health, was held in Dubai. Arab Health is a 4 day event(from 25th January to the 2

  • SEDAR_r
  • Quantium Medical attended at SEDAR

    October 23, 2015

    Last week, some members of Quantium Medical, including the company President, Erik Weber Jensen, attended at the Spanish Society of Anaesthesia and Re

  • torres quevedo
  • Quantium Medical has earned the prestigious Torres Quevedo grant

    October 20, 2015

    Quantium Medical has received the prestigious Torres Quevedo grant to empower it’s R&D activities in pain and nociception monitoring. The go

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