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Conox® has a positive feedback in Vienna

The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) held its 30th Annual Congress in the Austria Center Vienna (Vienna, Austria).

Fresenius Kabi presented a wide range of products designed for the use in Intensive Care Units and operating rooms. Our depth of anaesthesia monitor, Conox, was part of the exhibition.

During the four days, doctors and other healthcare worldwide professionals came to inform and give us their positive feedback on their experience with Conox.

From here we want to thank you for your welcome and interest.

We will continue to care for life,

Successful Euroanaesthesia Genève 2017

Euroanaesthesia 2017 (the European Anaesthesiology Congress) took place in Genève, Switzerland from 2nd to the 4th June and Quantium Medical was actively present in both the scientific and the exhibitor areas. We are grateful for the attention we received.


During the whole congress, Doctor Gambús (clinical expert in the use of electroencephalogram as a measure of anesthetic drug effects, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona) presented the Conox® depth of anesthesia monitor at the Fresenius Kabi’s booth. Conox® comprises cutting edge hardware and digital signal processing technology to measure the two main components of anesthesia by using one single sensor based on the EEG: the hypnotic component with qCON index, which correlates to hypnotic endpoints, and the analgesic component with the qNOX index, which correlates to the predicted concentrations of remifentanil and to the likelihood of movement response to nociception.

We would like to thank all visitors for their time and interest. We will certainly continue working to offer you the best parameters and products for non-invasive patient monitoring.