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Clinical Results | qCO

Clinical Results | qCO

J. Escrivá,  M. Jospin, J. Fontanet , E.W. Jensen, P.L Gambús.

Non-invasive cardiac output measurement by impedance plethysmography under general anaesthesia.

Presented at: ESA 2015, Berlín

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Eva Gabarrón 

White Paper


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Eva Gabarrón, Erik W Jensen, Pedro L Gambus.

Estimation of Cardiac Output by using surface electrodes for measuring the impedance plethysmography.

Presented at: Navat 2014.

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M. Jospin, J.P. Aguilar, P.L. Gambús, E. W. Jensen, M. Vallverdú, P. Carminal.

Validation of the qCO cardiac output monitor during Valsalva maneuver.

Presented at: IEE Eng Med Biol Soc 2012.

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