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qCON 2000

qCON 2000



The qCON2000 is the new monitoring provided by Quantium Medical. The qCON2000 allows the anaesthesiologist to individually tailor the dosing of the anaesthetics (qCON index) and analgesics (qNOX index), providing improved patients outcome and reduced cost for the institution.


qCON index

The qCON index is designed for monitoring the hypnotic effect during general anaesthesia, intensive care and sedation. The index is obtained from electroencephalogram (EEG) signals analyzed using an advanced digital processing algorithm.

Adequate anaesthesia is important because:

1. Underdosing of anaesthetics can lead to patient awareness causing sleep disorders and postoperative neurological problems

2. Overdosing of anaesthetics can lead to complication after surgery such as longer stay in the Post-Anaesthesia Care Unit (PACU) or increased cognitive dysfunction.

qCON index between 40-60 indicates an adequate anaesthesia level, while 99 corresponds to an awake patient and 0 to an isoelectric EEG as the picture shown.


qNOX index

qNOX index is an optional index designed for monitoring the level of nociception and it may be used to tailor the dosing of the analgesics. The index is obtained from the qCON sensor(See qCON sensor) using the electroencephalogram (EEG) signals.

qNOX index between 40-60 indicates an adequate analgesia level.


*See clinical studies in the Clinical Results Section.

Burst Suppresion Rate (BSR)

During deep levels of anaesthesia, periods of bursts followed by periods of suppression (almost isoelectric EEG) could appear. Suppression ratio is the percentage of time over the last 30s that the signal is considered to be in the suppressed state. The BSR is represented in red color


Others specifications:

qCON can be also connected to a tablet, medical grade PC or to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Index and display update qCON 0-99, 1s
Total index update time 10 s
EEG 3s. ,6s. or 9 s.
qNOX (optional) 0-99
BSR (Burst Suppression) Curve, index of 0-100%.
EMG Curve, index of 0-100.
SQI (Signal Quality Index) Curve, index of 0-100.
Index trend 15 minutes.
CMRR >100 dB
Lead off detection 15 s
Visual and audio alarms Yes
Test system of impedance at the electrodes Yes
Data logging qCON, qNOX, EMG, EEG, BSR, SQI, impedances
Data transfer BT

Please contact us for further details or see the qCON2000 page.

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