Monitoring Hypnotic Effect and Nociception

The CEO of Quantium Medical gave a talk about Monitoring hypnotic effect and nociception in Rome last Saturday

The anaesthesiologist field was reunited last Saturday, 24th november in Rome, Italy. The event was organised by the AAROI EMAC (Associazione Anestesisti Rianimatori Ospedalieri Italiani and Emergenza Area Critica). It was an opportunity for professionals to attend at conferences (from international to regional speakers) about the safety and quality in and around the operating room.

The CEO of Quantium Medical, Erik Weber Jensen, gave a talk about The Monitoring hypnotic effect and nociception with two EEG-derived indices.

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qCON-qNOX technology will be presented in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 18th-19th November

The Annual Scientific Meeting in Hong Kong will take new challenges, as the thematic says “Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone”. This event will take place from 17th to 18th November 2018.

Dr. Erik Weber Jensen, CEO of Quantium Medical, will launch a Symposium of qCON/qNOX – New Parameters for Enhancing Patient Safety during General Anaesthesia.
You can read clinical results of qCON/qNOX at:


If you will attend

The presentation will take place on Sunday, 18th November from 12:30h to 13:30h. For more information about the congress: