Effects of Depth of Anesthesia Monitored by IoC on Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Radical Resection of Colorectal Cancer

The monitor and IoC parameters indicated in this article are fully based on Quantium’s qCON and qNOX imbedded OEM technology, ideal for Laparoscopic and any other surgery requiring a patient to be fully aenesthetized.

In this article by Jie Zhao, Zhenming Kang, Wenqin Xie, Huimei Lin, and Yang Liu published in Molecular Therapy, 18 September 2020 you can read more about Index of consciousness IoC1 (qCon) and IoC2 (qNox) and Effects of depth of Anesthesia.

Laparoscopic radical resection has been widely used for the treatment of colorectal cancer since the 1980s. Adjusting the precise anesthetic dosage has been confirmed to enhance patient recovery and also mitigate complications related to anaesthesia.

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World Anaesthesia Day

William T.G Morton

Every now and then there are men and women who discover or achieve something extraordinary that ultimately helps mankind in one way or another.

“A small step for men, a great step for mankind”, famous words from the astronaut Neil Armstrong when he placed the first footstep on the moon surface on July 20th 1969.

Something similar must have gone through the head of William T. G. Morton (1819-1868) when he made history while preforming the first public and successful demonstration of anaesthesia for surgical purposes. Imagining the surgical procedures that were performed before the 19th century will probably shock more than one, as many deaths occurred during surgery before anaesthesia was discovered.

This discovery helped medicine make a huge leap forward by finally providing the means to eliminate (or at least reduce drastically) the suffering associated with surgical interventions.

Today, 174 years later we are celebrating the first public and successful demonstration of anaesthesia for surgical purposes. William Morton is certainly one of those forgotten heroes of history, to whom Quantium Medical would like to pay homage on this special day.

He would probably boast a great smile if he knew how many millions of surgeries are safely taking place everyday thanks to his efforts and the hard work of the Anaesthesiologists who master this discipline.