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Ecuador Webinar on Conox – qNOX

If you want to know more about the predictive value of response to nociceptive stimuli with our qNox solution, we encourage you to Join the webinar presented by Erik Weber Jensen tomorrow 28th November for Ecuador (8:00 am. Central European Time).

Scan the QR to attend, or access through the link 

Medica 2019

“Visit us at Virtual.Medica 2020”

This year is definitely being challenging for all due to Covid-19, and we sincerely hope to find you all in good health!

The situation makes it difficult, if not impossible to travel, making us all adapt to this “new normality”.

Having said that, we are happy to announce that we will be present as usual at Medica, although this year through virtual.Medica 2020 that has been created by the organizers for this edition of the trade show.
A lot has happened this year, where we have seen how our anesthesia monitors are being used in ICU with Covid patients, improving patient care.
We have taken a great leap forward by concluding a major study on cerebral blood flow to improve even more the accuracy of our monitoring technology.
We are excited about the great adoption by hospitals globally of our technology with the qCON and qNOX parameters to measure state of consciousness and the potential to react to noxious stimuli by the patient.
Last but not least, we are changing the game by offering monitor manufacturers the possibility to pick and choose parameters and features (as from a restaurant menu) to create or enhance their own monitors.
We will have product videos in our virtual Exhibition place and we look very much forward to meet with you through the Networking plaza – Matchmaking tool.

Registering as a visitor is completely free.

Best regards,
Erik Weber Jensen