World Anaesthesia Day

Every now and then there are men and women who discover or achieve something extraordinary that ultimately helps mankind in one way or another.
“A small step for men, a great step for mankind”, famous words from the astronaut Neil Armstrong when he placed the first footstep on the moon surface on July 20th 1969.[…]


Continuous improvement at Quantium Medical

The solutions provided by Quantium Medical are widely used either as OEM for integration by monitor manufacturers, or as finished products created by the company. With install bases in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Middle East, we are proud of our global footprint. Nonetheless, it’s not just about offering a proven solution! We live in […]


Customer view on our technology by Wellcare Medical

Customer feedback is highly important for us, as this is key for our efforts in continuous improvement of our monitoring technology.Wellcare Medical Apparatus Co. Ltd. is one of our long lasting customers overseas, and we would like to share in this section how the company is supporting the different hospitals that they serve with Quantium […]

Covid-19 and ICU sedation monitoring with the qCON

In January 2020, the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) was declared a public health emergency by the World Health Organization. The infection rate has proven to be dramatically high due to its volatility, quickly reaching a pandemic stage, affecting billions of people and global economy. Health systems in all affected countries have been caught off-guard, […]