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The qCON sensor is a system of adhesive electrodes attached to the skin of the patient’s forehead and it allows acquiring EEG signals in a state of anaesthesia or sedation. This sensor connects to the “qCON patient cable” while the registered signal is sent to the monitor where the qCON and qNOX indices are calculated.

This sensor consists of three electrodes, made of silver/silver chloride, which is placed on the patient’s forehead; latex free, disposable. Replacement is recommended every 24 hours or when changing position of the sensor.

Key features

  • Flexible design.
  • Easier and faster montage.
  • Easy to get low impedance
  • The same characteristics in only 3 electrodes.
  • Slim design to reduce the risk of pressure soar.
  • Completely non-invasive sensors thanks to its design.
  • Latex free.

Sensor - Cable

Cable pacient

Patient cable

Specifically designed to connect to any of our anaesthesia monitors and our unique sensor.

Generador tonos_

EEG Simulator

The EEG Simulator simulates four different states of an EEG signal. Its button allows to change the state or to change to a real EEG mode.

ECG Simulator

This is our new ECG Simulator, simulates the electrocardiogram in an EC hand fast way. This is a very useful device for testing your ECD monitors. 

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