Cardiac output monitoring


What is the qCo?

The qCO is a non-invasive cardiac output monitor for healthcare professionals trained in all areas of the hospital. From the impedance signal, the monitor calculates the Cardiac Output (CO), the stroke volume (SV) and the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) parameters.

The aim is to guide the experts to detemine the cardiac output of the patient when monitoring the thorax blood flow. Besides, the HRV parameters are related to respiration, blood pressure and other vital signs (which could be strongly correlated to the degree of sepsis), thanks to the relation between the central nervous system and pacemaker cells.

Note: The qCO is NOT a CE marked product.


HRV parameters recorded during the recovering of a patient with sepsis are depicted. It is noticeable the growing trend according to the improving. Hence, this data could be used to drive a prognosis.

Key features

  • Non-invasive monitoring.
  • Fast index update rate.
  • Advanced digital signal processing of the thoracic impedance
  • Innovative algorithm in the artifact rejection.
  • Add-on functionality for HRV analysis.
  • Fully portable solution
  • Attractive and user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) design with sharp colour visuals.
  • Touchscreen with with pinch in/out capability.
  • Versatile product.
  • Easy implementation in hospitals and clinics.

Position of the electrodes




145 x 125 x 70 mm

Display Size

95 x 53 mm


735 gr.


Cardiac output (CO) Amount of blood pumped by the heart through the circulatory system in one minute.

Stroke volume (SV) Amount of blood ejected by the left ventricle of the heart in one contraction.

Heart rate (HR) Heart rate is the number of heart rate beats per minute.

Energy in the High Frequency (HF) band Energy in the 0.15-0.4 Hz frequency band is related with the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) activity. Therefore, HF components increase when the heartrate increases.

RMSSD Reports the short-term variations of RR intervals and is used to observe the influence of the PNS on the cardiovascular system.

SDSD Standard deviation of successive differences of the RR intervals.

Impedance curve Graphic representation of the impedance

Signal Quality Index (SQI) It represents the quality of the collected signal.

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