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Effects of Depth of Anesthesia Monitored by IoC on Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Radical Resection of Colorectal Cancer

The monitor and IoC parameters indicated in this article are fully based on Quantium’s qCON and qNOX imbedded OEM technology, ideal for Laparoscopic and any other surgery requiring a patient to be fully aenesthetized.

In this article by Jie Zhao, Zhenming Kang, Wenqin Xie, Huimei Lin, and Yang Liu published in Molecular Therapy, 18 September 2020 you can read more about Index of consciousness IoC1 (qCon) and IoC2 (qNox) and Effects of depth of Anesthesia.

Laparoscopic radical resection has been widely used for the treatment of colorectal cancer since the 1980s. Adjusting the precise anesthetic dosage has been confirmed to enhance patient recovery and also mitigate complications related to anaesthesia.

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